CareBuilders at Home Eastbay tailors our caregiving services to meet the needs of your loved one. We carefully select our caregivers to ensure that they are capable of handling every situation with top quality care and meet the needs your loved one requires. The types of services and home care we provide goes beyond ordinary and routine. Our caregivers are passionate for what they do and take into consideration your loved one’s thoughts and feelings during their entire home care session.
Quality home care support for your loved one is the most important thing you can provide them in their senior years. If they are struggling with mobility or with other issues related to advanced aging, we are there to help and be at their side. We want to make your CareBuilders at Home care the best experience and something your loved one looks forward to. Your peace of mind and the quality of care your loved one receives is what we strive for and delivery each and every day.
Your CareBuilders at Home care giver will arrive at their assigned location and enter the home after being greeted. If unable to answer the door, the caregiver will receive special access to enter the home. One of the first things our caregivers do is get an update daily on your loved one’s condition. This includes ensuring they are up-to-date on their daily medication(s). If not, our caregivers will assist with providing medication reminders to keep the client on schedule. Our caregivers also work with the family and client to review any special needs for their home care. This can include our caregivers assisting with personal hygiene and preparing light meals. Other home care services are provided upon special request of the client and family.
Our caregivers make sure that your loved one has everything they need for the day taken care of and checked on before their session is over. If there are any loose items in the home that may pose a threat to your loved one falling, our caregivers will help clean up the house so that it is safe again. If your loved one is low on groceries, our caregivers will drive them to the grocery store and assist in making healthy food choices and help putting the newly bought food in places that are easily accessible for them to reach. Providing the best home care is our number one goal and to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one. No one does it better than CareBuilders at Home East Bay.